"Change happens when the transition process includes an investment in strategy alignment, unlocking human potential, building cultural competencies and infusing an entrepreneurial spirit into the culture."

Sara B. McNamara, MSOD

Transition & Inclusion Strategies


Align Corporate Strategy with Reality

Establish the objective then plan a transition strategy that aligns with reality. 

Define purpose and gain stakeholder buy-in to establish a shared vision and a sustainable path ahead. 

Build resilience and agility to adapt to ongoing change.


Build a Human-Centric Culture

Leadership development strategies to increase empathy, compassion, understanding of self and others.


Build and Retain a Diverse Workforce

Increasing cultural and cross-cultural competencies. Help build a growth mindset into the organization's culture.

Overcome Fears and Bridge Differences

Build teams and communities


Diversity:  Veterans

Support Veteran Career Transitions

Understand civilian culture and prepare for culture shock

Experience immersion-based coaching

Design personal strategies to manage the psychological transition


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Get the Most out of Life